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2017 Total Solar Eclipse and "The Sweet Spot"

The Point of Greatest Duration for the Eclipse is over four buildings with solar arrays, on a wine trail.
What will happen?  Will everything shut down, a zombie apocalypse unfold or even worse, Blue Sky Vineyard runs out of wine?!
The total eclipse of the sun on August 21, 2017 may be seen by more people than any other total eclipse in history. The path of totality crosses the entire country, from the Pacific coast of Oregon to the Atlantic coast of Georgia. A partial eclipse will be seen everywhere in the lower 48 states and the path of totality is within a day's drive of everyone in the USA.

There is one point along this three thousand plus mile path that is a little extra special. It is the “Sweet Spot” - the point of Greatest Duration of Totality and it happens to be virtually on top of Rocky Comfort Cabins and Blue Sky Vineyards. This is just too cool.
What is even more fascinating? The Point of Greatest Duration is happening in the solar powered corner of the Shawnee H…