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Food, Wine, and Song

What is more enjoyable than a day filled with good food, a nice wine,
and some soul soothing music?
Shall we suggest to you...hmmm - The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail?
Not only will you be able to savor the distinct tastes of regional wines and a variety of food choices, many of the local vineyards are perfect venues for an array of music, from solo acoustics to larger bands. For several wineries, you'll see a music line up for almost every weekend.

Blue Sky Vineyard, one of the most beautiful wineries in the area, carries appetizers, sandwiches, soups, pizza, and desserts to go along with award winning wines, select beer, and my son's favorite, the Sangria. The crusty french bread served with the best dipping oil around is a tasty starter. 

Almost every Saturday and Sunday Blue Sky has live music. Settle in and listen either inside the huge detailed tasting room, or on the splendid sun drenched outdoor terraces. A couple that stayed at the Creole House remembers one musician in partic…

Arts and Cultural Events

So you decided on southern Illinois for a little getaway. Wonderful choice!

Waterfalls.    Everywhere

Wine and Sun.Oh ya

Zipline Adventure.    Down the road

Museums, Performing Arts and Entertainment Venues.    Of course!

The awesomeness of the "off the trail" events and entertainment along the Shawnee Hills Wine country deserves its own blog and we'll take you along to some of our favorites at another time.
We're going closer to "town" for this one.

Within reach when you stay in southern Illinois is an abundance of top notch staging platforms as a backdrop to local artisans, musical performances, and galleries. Some of the bigger venues are centered around Carbondale and Marion.

The University Museum at SIU. The museum has been a repository of artifacts since 1874. Not only does it have a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden (sit under the magnolia during spring!), inside you'll find 10,000 square feet of exhibition halls that will ho…

Dining off the Beaten Path

Sometimes finding the awesome and unique happens when you are just doing something else. Meander your way along the wine trail and you'll also find little gems of the local flavor.  This is a guide to our favorite places to eat in the area gleaned from our own experiences. Let us know if you stumble on a place that should be listed here.
Cobden, Illinois One of several quaint villages here in southern Illinois, Cobden has some noteworthy restaurants.
Yellow Moon Cafe
An area favorite with local wines and delicious specials handcrafted daily using fresh ingredients, many of which are grown locally. We highly recommend you try this cozy restaurant with its lovely ambiance. Weekends you might find some local music and entertainment. Yellow Moon also has wines from the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail to go with your dinner. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
110 N Front St / Cobden, Il 62902 (618) 893-2233

The Palace Pizzeria
If you want pizza, you have to go here. Try their award winning double cr…

SIU Athletic Events

Rocky Comfort Cabins is not only located right on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, but it is also only 20 minutes from the city of Carbondale, the metro hub of southern Illinois and home to Southern Illinois University.

Southern Illinois University first planted its roots in Carbondale in 1869 and now has an average fall enrollment of almost 18,000 students. The beautiful surroundings of southern Illinois has attracted and kept a multitude of teachers and students from all over the globe. It does not take long to come across someone who had been a student here at one time, went off on their career somewhere else, but returned to firmly plant roots back where they started. We just nod our heads in acknowledgement. They usually find their way back or just never wanted to leave in the first place.

The sprawling grounds of the campus at Southern Illinois University has its own quiet, natural beauty with old oak trees and the well tended Thompson Woods. If you had been a student at the univers…

Carbondale Dining for all Tastes

Got a taste for...not sure? It shouldn't take long to find a restaurant to turn that longing into exactly what you need.
If you're heading to Carbondale, here are a few of our favorites that highlight the diverse flavor of a University town. Many of the restaurants are located along Illinois Avenue, ("the strip") or in the downtown square which still reflects the roots of Carbondale as it began as a bustling stop along the railroad. There are, of course, many chain restaurants, but we will feature more of the
locally owned and operated businesses in Carbondale. 
Global Gourmet
Sitting right on the square, Global is probably one of our favorite restaurants, with its eclectic atmosphere, gourmet cuisine and full bar. There is an outdoor patio for the warmer days and there will occasionally be some cool, classic jazz. If you are here around Christmas time, call ahead for the figgy pudding. They won't serve it until it is perfect.
102 E Jackson St / (618) 549-0771


Activities for Couples who are Snowed in

Remember how exciting it was to hear the announcement of a snow day (e.g. a day day off from school) when you were a child? What happened to that thrill once the school years ended? There is no reason that you can’t have it during adulthood, especially if you are one half of a couple. There is still something magical about a snow day, but in order to experience it, you have to be able to let go of the stress and worry about what you aren’t getting done and just relax. There are so many things that a couple can do when they are snowed in. Here are some ideas to get you started.

*Most people love those typically summer goodies, S’mores, but don’t get any once the camping season has come to a close. These can be easily made at home over your fireplace or even the stove burners if you don’t have a fireplace. All it takes is a chocolate bar, graham crackers and marshmallows. Make sandwiches out of them and voila’! summer has come back on a snow day!

*My favorite snow day activity is to stay …