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Rocky Comfort Cabins is not only located right on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, but it is also only 20 minutes from the city of Carbondale, the metro hub of southern Illinois and home to Southern Illinois University.

Southern Illinois University first planted its roots in Carbondale in 1869 and now has an average fall enrollment of almost 18,000 students. The beautiful surroundings of southern Illinois has attracted and kept a multitude of teachers and students from all over the globe. It does not take long to come across someone who had been a student here at one time, went off on their career somewhere else, but returned to firmly plant roots back where they started. We just nod our heads in acknowledgement. They usually find their way back or just never wanted to leave in the first place.

The sprawling grounds of the campus at Southern Illinois University has its own quiet, natural beauty with old oak trees and the well tended Thompson Woods. If you had been a student at the university many years ago, bring your family and at once be surprised at the changes made since you've been gone, yet content in the discovery that other things are just as they were.

Saluki Sports
During the year there is bound to be some competitive Saluki event. 
Significant improvements have been made at many of the athletic facilities at SIU: football, basketball, baseball, softball, and track and field. The home of the Salukis has indeed improved.
Before you ask... Here is a popular question...What exactly is a Saluki?
As quoted from the SIU Athletics website, " Egypt at that time, Salukis were accepted as the finest animals a family could possibly possess. Known for their speed and hunting skills, Salukis are the oldest pure-breed dogs in the world with records dating back to 3600 B.C." Click here if you would like to read more about how this impressive canine became SIU's beloved mascot.
Pick your season

Fall and Football 
With the beautiful southern Illinois autumn colors comes Saluki football. Make a day of it in the charged atmosphere of a Saluki tailgate and football game at the new Saluki Stadium. Bring chairs or a blanket, pick up your favorite wine on the wine trail (or beer at some wineries), and some tasty tailgate eats at one of the local restaurants. Saluki fans are so friendly you might end up pulled into one of their tailgates. It's not hard to find a free brat and beer!

If you are here during basketball season, you can find exciting match-ups at a men's or women's basketball game at the recently renovated SIU Arena. SIU men's basketball has made 10 NCAA tournament appearances with three sweet 16 showings.

Play Ball!
Bustling new life abounds in the Shawnee National Forest as the Vernal Equinox approaches. While closer to town, the distinctive crack of a bat calls out spring in the brand new Richard "Itchy Jones" Stadium. What better way to beckon summer than with an afternoon filled with "strrrrrrike!", popcorn, and hot dogs. I'll take mine with mustard please.
When you plan your visit to the area, check out the SIU schedule. Maybe you can fit in an event at SIU and be part of the Saluki tradition. 


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